Extreme Ideologies and violence

I know someone who is a right wing sympathiser. She raves about our godly prime minister, about how evil the non-Hindus are and why we need to set them right. She believes that violence is sometimes necessary. Her calling in life is to “awaken” Hindus. Fake forwards and trumped up videos are a part of…

Take safety into your own hands

It was shocking to hear about the 57 people who were mowed down by a train in Amritsar last month. After reading that mandatory permissions from the municipal corporation were not taken, and the railways were not informed, it appears as if it was a tragedy in the making. Breaking the law and endangering others…

No ambiguity about sexual harassment

The MeToo movement has left some men uneasy. So uneasy that scores of tasteless jokes are being circulated and criticism in drawing room conversations and columns is rampant. Men fear that one of these days they or their friends might be accused by some ex-girlfriend or colleague of sexual harassment and they too will be…

Renewal of license from another city a painful process

If you are no longer living in the city where you got your licence from and it needs to be renewed, you need an NOC (a No-Objection certificate) from the RTO of the city you once called your home. And you have to travel back to your previous city to get it. It is one…

Four awesome Supreme Court rulings – what next?

We might feel that all this is all long overdue, but let us not forget that there are countries in the world where retrograde laws still rule.

However, we are not there yet. Each of these laws can be taken a step further.

Loud sounds and hearing loss

Calling out to world-class companies which manufacture hearing aids. Please set up shop in India because we will need you soon.

And if anyone reading this is studying to be a doctor, best get for an ENT specialisation. You will make money.