Four awesome Supreme Court rulings – what next?

We might feel that all this is all long overdue, but let us not forget that there are countries in the world where retrograde laws still rule.

However, we are not there yet. Each of these laws can be taken a step further.

Loud sounds and hearing loss

Calling out to world-class companies which manufacture hearing aids. Please set up shop in India because we will need you soon.

And if anyone reading this is studying to be a doctor, best get for an ENT specialisation. You will make money.

Extortion in the name of God

Perhaps the law is trying to ensure that the loot is strictly used for polluting our rivers, killing the fish and other life, and contributing to air pollution and digging up public property.  A license to pollute and destroy.

Systemised rape in India

India has become a rapist’s haven and if our country has been dubbed the rape capital of the world, today there is proof of it. Shelter homes for abandoned kids are being used like red light areas, with allegations that prominent members of society and politicians are frequenting them. These homes are not just dens…

Gau Rakshaks and criminality

Ever since PM Modi announced protection of cows, criminals have had a heyday. Normally, there should be no connection between cow protection and criminal behaviour. But whenever criminals (anywhere) see an opportunity they jump at it. Modi’s law to protect cows has given a criminal his golden opportunity. Now the criminal can don a mask…

India deadly for journalists

Bold and brave journalists who speak out against the majority view are being murdered. If they defy the fundamentalists and attempt to expose the corrupt, they are in danger of being killed. This is so all over the world, but India apparently is the deadliest country for journalists in Asia. More journalists killed in India than…