About this blog

Hi. I’m Nita.
This website will highlight crime and injustice in the Indian context. Crime has consumed me for years, ever since I was a teenager. I have devoured hundreds of mystery and crime novels, besides true crime. And that is why I guess when I decided to write a novel, I chose “Crime” as the theme.

I have an older blog called A Wide Angle View of India, which I stopped writing some years ago. It was enormously successful, and it was fun interacting with the readers. However, due to personal reasons I stopped writing there.

Instead of continuing A Wide Angle View of India, I decided to start another one, on Crime. This blog is more focused. I do not aim to be comprehensive. It is simply about what I feel strongly about. I will try and put crimes into perspective, in the national context at least. There has been too much sensationalism and not enough about the whys.

Once you go through all the layers that is me, you will reach the core…which is the writer. I recently started a blog for me, the writer. You will find me here, at my writing blog, which is still new. Hope to develop it in the months to come.