About this blog

Hi. I’m Nita.
This website will highlight crime and injustice in the Indian context. There is too much sensationalism and about the wrong news. I do not aim to be comprehensive. This blog is about what I feel strongly about. I will try and put crimes into perspective, in the national context at least. There is usually too much hype, and not enough about the whys.

I have an older blog called A Wide Angle View of India, which I stopped writing some years ago. It was enormously successful, and it was fun interacting with the readers. However, due to personal reasons, I stopped writing there. Instead of continuing A Wide Angle View of India, I decided to start another one, on Crime. This blog is more focused.

Crime and the reasons for it have interested me for years. That is why I guess when I decided to write a novel, I chose “Crime” as the theme.


Once you go through all the layers that is me, you will reach the core…which is the writer. I recently started a blog for me, the writer. You will find me here, at my writing blog, which is still new. Hope to develop it in the months to come.