Don’t feed the spam monster

Whether it’s at a supermarket or at a shop or online, you are tricked into giving your mobile number. You could be waylaid by someone who promises you will win a lottery or maybe it’s at the shop where you make a purchase. Mobile numbers it seems, are mandatory.  Oddly enough, giving your mobile number means giving your consent to spam.

Offices and housing colonies often ask for your number when you make a guest entry and nowadays upscale housing colonies will not let you enter until you provide your cell number. A landline number will not do.  

No one really cares about this. That’s why the spam monster is alive and kicking. It’s being fed by the millions of gullible people giving out their cell numbers with alacrity.

Don’t do it.  If you are pressured, especially by pesky housing societies, give a fake number. 

Indian customers are said to receive a daily dose of between five and ten spam calls and as many messages and being on the DND (Do Not Call registry) doesn’t mean a thing. 

Perhaps you are one of those who shrugs it off. You’ve decided not to pick up or you simply cut the call and/or block the number. But that will not kill the spam monster. Complaining to TRAI via the DND app or smsing 1909  is an option but it may or may not work. As this customer found out to his chagrin:

Out of my 30 complaints about the Idea number filed through the DND app, there was action only against four. This too was because these four were mobile numbers and were disconnected after my complaint. On my Jio connection, I had filed 15 complaints, and there was action against one number only.

Apparently, not much action is taken against large companies and you can guess why. The service providers are making money. 

Sending spam is not considered to be a crime. But it is harassment. So why are the fines not heavier and why don’t repeat offenders go to jail? It’s time that spamming became illegal. 

Until then you can try going to a consumer court. A customer once won a large amount as compensation. But few people have the time.

The best thing is to stop feeding the spam monster. Don’t give out your cell number to unknown people. Your mobile number is as private as your home address. 

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  1. Nita says:

    Yes it’s a continual bombardment! I don’t know why TRAI is not doing something about it.


  2. This is true. Spam calls have increased of late, and many of them are from the call center agents of my mobile service provider themselves!! Hopeless situation.

    Destination Infinity


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