Renewal of license from another city a painful process

If you are no longer living in the city where you got your licence from and it needs to be renewed, you need an NOC (a No-Objection certificate) from the RTO of the city you once called your home. And you have to travel back to your previous city to get it. It is one of the most burdensome procedures ever devised to get a simple job done.

The logic of asking people to physically travel to the previous RTO to get a NOC is difficult to comprehend. After all, the RTOs now boast of being online. Why doesn’t one RTO simply email the NOC to the next one? Or wait, isn’t one RTO authorised to check the records of licences nationwide? Is there a need for an NOC at all?

We have no idea how the RTO mind works. All we know is that it wants to see your face. So even after you apply online, and then ensure that the NOC is ready, you have to pick it up physically and get it signed and stamped. And then present it to the RTO of your new city.

rto-puneIf all goes well you can get it done in a day. But it’s best you don’t book your return ticket before you get that NOC in your hands. Don’t assume that the NOC will be waiting for you even if you go after a sufficient time has elapsed after your online application. The RTO people very likely will have to print it out (no, they don’t keep it ready for you) and you just have to hope that their computer and the printer is working. And you also have to pray that the person at the window is not on leave that day. And also let’s hope you checked the list of holidays that the RTO enjoys, because they have plenty of holidays.

It doesn’t matter if you have to travel the length and breadth of the country to get your NOC. The RTO does not care.

No wonder people are choosing to apply for fresh licences, rather than renew them. Ridiculous isn’t it? Getting a new licence is easier than getting a new one for people who have moved.

Why the RTOs want to see you in person is incomprehensible. They don’t verify your identity and even if they were really worried about handing over the NOC document to the wrong person, surely emailing it to the other RTO was a foolproof way to ensure that it did not get into the wrong hands?

The only likely explanation is that the RTO officials do not want to take the trouble of coordinating with another city’s RTO. Or they don’t want to search for the records of the licence holder in another city. It’s too much of an effort. It suits them just fine if citizens travel long distances.

If you are reading this and planning to move out of town, just get that NOC before you move.

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