TCGN – a movie on cybercrime

This Marathi film (with English subtitles) warns people about cybercrime. TCGN – Take Care Good Night. However, the movie is primarily aimed at the older generation or those who are not internet savvy.  It is all about the dangers of befriending people online, phishing, ATM and online frauds and it is presented in an entertaining manner.

djgi1law0aejyqwInteresting though the film is, the acting is average, at least that of the male lead – Sachin Khedekar. His expression is wooden almost throughout and he spouts his dialogues much like that of a boring college professor. If it wasn’t for Mahesh Manjrekar, who plays the cybercrime head, and the other actors, the movie would have degenerated into a documentary.

The storyline touches upon social mores and this adds depth to the story.  It tells us how conservative parents become distant from the problems of their teens and how this can result in a situation where the child relies more and more on her peer group and can get sucked into dubious online friendships.

The manner in which the investigation is portrayed is a little curious. The parents crack the case. Maybe the intention is to give a greater role to the parents, or perhaps to Sachin Khedekar, a well-known actor who plays the father. Or maybe it is to show that the police are inept. Whatever the reason, it is not convincing and this weakens the plot.

The villain is clearly a sociopath, evident from his lack of compassion and empathy, the various aliases and the deception of his near and dear ones. But this is not how the police see it. The actions of the villain are seen as acts of a truant boy and the police are sympathetic towards the culprit. This is the most surprising part of the movie. Yes, truant young men can turn to cybercrime but the person shown in the movie is not built in this mould. He is clever and dangerous, a man without remorse or empathy.

Overall, characterisation is poor, a major flaw in the movie. It is a plot-driven film. An odd line, spouted by the female lead, a so-called “counsellor,” is when she declares that she is not good at her job because she has no understanding of today’s youth. One cannot help but wonder how this woman got her qualification. And why she was hired by that school/college. As for people being hopeless counsellors, I am sure there are such people, but it is highly unlikely that an inept counsellor makes a declaration to the effect. It just did not sound convincing. In fact, in this movie, the parents are shown to be fairly understanding of their child. Sure, they make mistakes but overall they are good parents.

Yet, this movie is worth a see because it is an educative film and entertaining and even funny at times. A must-see for anyone who is unfamiliar with the vagaries of the internet. If one sees this movie from the point of view of cinema, then this would get no more than one star, maybe half, because of average acting, poor characterisation and a weak storyline. But if one sees TCGN as an educative film, it could get maybe three or four stars. If you see it as a documentary, it would get five stars.

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