Why right-wingers hate gay people

The Indian Supreme Court has made homosexual relationships legal, but right-wing groups are unhappy. Some are grudgingly accepting it, saying that even if gay relationships are not criminal, they are not natural. Other right-wing groups are denouncing the judgment.

It is difficult for humanitarian and liberal people to get into their regressive mindset. Some people feel that their homophobia is based on their religious beliefs. Well, certainly homophobia has nothing to do with Hinduism, one of the most inclusive religions in the world. India became homophobic when the British imposed their Victorian mores on us. So embedded did these beliefs become that Hindus no longer know what Hinduism actually was all about – inclusivity.

gay2Another thing. Many people who are against homosexuality find it hard to equate gay relationships with love. But when we talk about de-criminalising homosexuality, we are talking about love, aren’t we? We are not or should not be talking about sex. But unfortunately, people against gay relationships tend to think of a homosexual relationship as something carnal, a loveless activity.

It’s so ridiculous, it’s laughable.  Heterosexual sex can also be carnal. It is also about love. Just like any relationship, be it gay or heterosexual.

Mainstream media eulogises heterosexual love, but tends to look upon gay relationships with the skewed perspective of gay sex, not gay love. That is why movies in India have been banned in the past – because they portrayed gay love. Gay love is incomprehensible to some. Perhaps these people look upon their own heterosexual relationships with a carnal eye. Or they look upon sex as something sinful and dirty that needs to be done so that they can procreate. It is these mindsets which are unnatural.

There is nothing unnatural about love. It is what makes us human.

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