Systemised rape in India

child womanIndia has become a rapist’s haven and if our country has been dubbed the rape capital of the world, today there is proof of it.

Shelter homes for abandoned kids are being used like red light areas, with allegations that prominent members of society and politicians are frequenting them. These homes are not just dens of sexual abuse, but places where child trafficking is taking place. And this is very unlikely to be just about the abuse of girls. Because boys too are inmates of many of these homes.

And despite the fact that so many shelter homes being exposed for what they are, 9 states have refused an audit of child shelters. This is nothing but legitimising sexual and physical abuse of children. It isn’t just the criminals who are doing it — the government is responsible.

Indians can’t believe it. After all, we have a rich cultural tradition of respecting women. We have women deities. We ban dance bars and sex toys. We look down on revealing clothes because our bodies are shameful. We punish adultery and are shocked by premarital sex. We value virginity and do not have sex education in schools. We hate gay people and criminalise homosexuality. We shoo away young couples in love or worse, we arrest them.

There is so much respect for women that we rever a “sati savitri.” Women are put on a pedestal. We respect women so much that if a girl actually has sex with her lover, her boyfriend takes a sex video and circulates it to punish and shame her for crossing the line. We legitimise marital rape and men beat their wives with impunity.

And we are so disgusted by the unnatural act of sex that we have ensured that sex, a vile import from the west, is not talked about.

How can we have hungry beasts roaming the country preying on little children when we do all these things?

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