Girls as roti-makers?

Take a look at this billboard by the UP government, probably a part of its Beti Bachao campaign.

Roughly translated into English it says: How will you eat food cooked by them if you don’t allow them to be born.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 3.41.47 PM

Ironic, isn’t it? Girls are unwanted because their prime responsibility is considered a domestic one – to feed the men, feed the family. That is why they are unwanted in the first place. Because hey, servants can be hired for that. You can get roti and sabji from the hundreds of hotels and dhabas that dot the Indian landscape. And yes, men do cook. So why have girls at all? Why keep an expensive roti-maker at home, a roti-maker for whom you have to pay a hefty dowry if you have to get rid of her?

Regressive ads like these should be banned. But the irony is clearly lost on its makers. And if the government was so desperate to appeal to a regressive mindset, why not just say what a house-wife really does? Why not tell the people the truth? That a wife provides a loving home and a family? She is not a roti and sabji machine!

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