Policing young couples a sign of a sick society

Moral Policing is reprehensible and criminal, usually done by anti-social elements and right-wing groups. But it gets beyond sickening when common people, the police and educational institutions get into the fray, and start policing youngsters who show love and affection in public.couple1

This is a symptom of a sick society with warped values. A society in which rape and molestation are looked upon more kindly than love between consenting adults.

Here is a revealing video which shows how the brainless and mean/corrupt police (corrupt because they probably hope to make some money) harass young couples in Rohtak, Haryana. A posse of three police officers waste time doing this job when they could be preventing molestation and rape. They should be patrolling crowded markets and railway stations, public transport and the streets. Instead, they take a round in the evening in the park, hoping to “catch” consenting couples who care for each other. Much safer isn’t it, to confront a hapless couple rather than rowdies and ruffians!

And now in Pune, security guards have been given powers by the university to shoo away and intimidate young couples seen after sunset. It is shocking that educated people running educational institutions are unable to distinguish between forced and consensual relationships. Or they don’t want to. Because like the rest of society these eminent educationists choose to think of pre-marital love as “bad”. Here is a case where earlier this month a young couple was >beaten up in Kolkata because they embraced in a metro.

Why do we do this in India? The reason is simple. Because physical demonstration of love (read sex) is considered dirty. Sex is legitimate only if it is done for procreation and after marriage. Premarital sex? Even the hint of it is dirty and immoral. It is considered worse than adultery (which is rampant in our society). Maybe this hatred of pre-marital sex is a hangover of the colonial era. Maybe not. Maybe the parents in our “traditional” Indian society want to control their adult children. They fear that their children will marry out of caste and class.

It’s time Indian parents stopped trying to control their children. And educationists start to actually lead and inspire the youth. And police officers and security personnel concentrate on their real job – of keeping anti-social elements at bay.

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