Religion and Crime – the connection

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There is no direct connection between religion and crime, there cannot be, because religion teaches us wisdom and peace.

But there is a connection between the practice of religion and hatred against women (misogyny), which leads to crime. This is because religious leadership has been in the hands of men from time immemorial, leading to entrenched patriarchal values in religious practice, and this has influenced culture.

But wait, women are equally misogynistic. Over the years, they have internalised patriarchal beliefs which negate the value of their own gender. They are the first to shame and blame women who do not fit in, those who speak up. They are also complicit in shaming and blaming rape victims. And I do not know how accurate this study is, but it says that women are more misogynistic than men!

India is one of the most religious countries of the world, and yet we practice sex selection, female foeticide, and there is a high incidence of rape, even of little girls and little babies. The dowry system is not going away for some time to come, and daughters-in-law in joint families are often ill-treated. Women are given less education, and in poorer families, less food. They are less well looked after when sick, and married off early because they are ‘paraya dhan,‘ and attacked with acid or killed if they reject boys. Even after the laws giving equal property rights to women, fathers deliberately make wills to disinherit their daughters. This can be done in the case of self earned property. I even know of a case where a father lied in the will, and said that the ancestral property he had was “self earned” so that he could leave it to his son. I have also heard of cases where women are thrown out of the house when their husband dies. As they are not trained to stand on their own feet, these women fall into poverty. Elderly women are more likely to be neglected by their adult children than their male counterparts. And in rural India, women are still persecuted for witchcraft.

There are other religious countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, where the treatment of women is bad, perhaps worse than in India, because we do not even hear of most of the atrocities committed against women and little girls. And it’s scary to know that religious people are more likely to have voted for Donald Trump (a man who has been accused of sexual assault).

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  1. Kalpana says:

    Your blog post touches on an important topic. Religion is inherently patriarchal – read any of the holy books and you will be shocked at how they exhort men to treat women. Religious women are torn and so are thinking and kind hearted men who don’t know whether to follow the diktats of the holy writings or what is the obvious, sensible and human rights way.


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