The real causes of crime

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Rising crime is blamed on lack of religion, by religious people. It is blamed on secularism, by political extremists. It is blamed on westernisation, by conservative people. And it is blamed on women’s freedom, by misogynists. If these causes sound nonsensical, they are.

Here are the real causes of crime, and they have not been put down here in any particular order:

  1. Overpopulation, not just because there are more people (which means more criminally minded people) but also more people fighting for limited resources like jobs and housing.
  2. Poverty.
  3. Political mafias which prey on vulnerable groups.
  4. Unfair judicial judgments. Poor working of the judiciary.
  5. Class and caste hatreds.
  6. Abuse of children and parental neglect which leads to disturbed adults.
  7. Drug and alcohol addiction.
  8. Mentally ill people who are not given treatment.
  9. Poor social and parental support structures and lack of community leadership. Tomorrow’s criminal is today’s disturbed child so when children and young people are not given importance, do not get the support and mentoring they need, and their individualism is crushed, they can turn to crime.
  10. Corruption in society on a mass scale which boils down to corruption in government. It sets the standard for citizens and develops cynicism. Human values are eroded.
  11. Religious extremism.
  12. Poor policing.
  13. Greed and materialism, often a deep-rooted societal issue, which leads to eroding of spiritual values.

In India we face all these problems. Is it any surprise that crime keeps galloping?

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