Students beware of fraud and deportation

Applying to blacklisted colleges, or being conned by the very agencies which purport to help them, is a trap students can fall into. Agencies at times misguide them about the process, or encourage them to fake their information. This India Today article can help you spot a dubious student agent.

Hopefully, a new government web portal “for international education that will list accredited foreign universities and supply verified information on a range of courses and visa norms” will help students.

…an overwhelming majority of Indian students (93%) that used agents indicated they did so to shortlist universities. And this is what worries the government as every year new cases of fraud make headlines.

then youth 2To avoid being cheated, do the research yourself. Do not depend on anyone. Today, all information is available on the net. Even if you get someone to help, know how the process works, instead of trusting blindly.

On your part, if you give wrong or fake information while applying, you will be caught, sooner or later. Even if your agent tells you that you’ll get away with it. Here is another article which gives you tips on how to take precautions.

It is not just fake universities and fake agents and fake credentials that can get you into trouble. Fake exams can as well. Ensure that you take the right exams. For example, for English language testing there are three exams you can take, TOEFL or IELTS or PTE.

PTE is relatively new, but is becoming widely accepted. This article gives a good comparison between these three different English tests, and the universities which accept them.

Oh yes, do avoid cheating in tests. This might seem a no-brainer, but there was a case last year, reported in the Hindustan Times, about the deportation of thousands of students from the UK due on the basis of “alleged fraud in a mandatory English language test”.

All the best.

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