The dark side of kite flying

Why do we have to take every celebration and every festival to such an extreme that people, animals, and even nature suffers, and suffers badly?

kids playing kiteTake Kite flying. A joyous occasion during the makar sankranti festival. In fact kite flying is a festival in itself. But hundreds of birds are killed every year because of Chinese Manja (a glass coated thread used to fly kites). And scores of humans have their throat slit as well.

A few days ago a man in Kolkata had his throat slit by a manja, but luckily he survived. A Pune woman wasn’t so lucky. In February this year a manja cut her throat, and the 45 year-old sole bread-winner died. This Ahmedabad girl had to have 33 stitches on her face.

Oh yes, there is a nation-wide ban on the chinese manja (made in India, not China) but the police have no time to enforce it. In any case the punishment for flying kites using this deadly chinese manja is just one year and rupees one lakh in fines. This punishment is considered strict! It is a joke.

Those who sell this deadly string should be tried for murder. But hey. That’s a pipe dream. The police don’t even have time to close down these shops.

In the meanwhile those who like to have fun will continue to use this deadly string. Fun is their priority and so is winning, because the chinese manja is a weapon which never breaks, not even when it comes up against flesh and bone. Parents just stand by and watch the fun.

Enjoyment and celebration tops concern for life.

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  1. Kalpanaa says:

    I’m glad you drew attention to this hazard. Birds also suffer horrific injuries because of kite flying.


    1. Nita says:

      Yes, every time I read about this in the papers it breaks my heart. Innocent birds and innocent people get hurt, without any fault of their own. Yet, we cannot call them freak accidents. These are caused by humans who break the law.


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