Over a hundred girls and women raped in India every hour

Another child raped tortured and murdered. a nine year girl in Surat, Gujarat. She was found with 86 injury marks on her body. This comes on the heels of another horrific child rape in Kathua, in Kashmir.

No, that was wrong. The Kathua rape took place months ago, in January. But it hit the headlines in mid April, because until then the national newspapers didn’t think it was important enough. The little girl was too poor and her rapists are politically connected.

How many actual rapes take place in India? Crime is under-reported in India, and this applies the most to rapes, because of the shame in reporting them. Between January and now there must have been hundreds and hundreds of child rapes, and thousands of other rapes of adult women. In a population of 1.21 billion is that difficult to believe? Actually only 5.8% of all rapes are reported.  Reported rapes were 38,690 in 2016 and if these are 5-8% of the actual rapes, then the actual rapes are 6.6 lakhs per year. This is not counting marital rape which is legal in India.

But the press is not even reporting the reported rapes, as one can see from the non-reportage of the Kathua rape of a little girl. One of the reasons is this, if one can believe it:

the media is almost tired of reporting violence in India. Rapes, lynching, torture is being reported all the time. It’s almost like you have to run a torture report, like the weather report

A torture report. So, the reasoning is: Why not just have “positive” news?  We all want positive news. But the media doesn’t do enough positive news either. It does mostly rubbish news. Like squabbles between politicians. Sensationalism of crimes against the rich. Celebrity news.

There is another way to calculate the real rapes, and it gives a lower figure.

child womanThis is how I worked it out.

There is a accepted statistical relationship between murder and rape. Countries like Germany, Denmark, France and the US have the best record for correct reporting of all crime so I used their crime and homicide data as a barometer.

In these 4 countries on an average:
Assaults are 100 times higher than homicides
Assaults are 12-25 times higher than rapes
At least 3 of 4 countries had 7-8 times more rapes than murders. One had a lesser figure but in all cases rapes were far more in number than killings.

But Indian crime data reveals that rapes are actually lower than homicides!
Fewer rapes than murders, when in the reference countries the figures are about 7-8 times more rapes than murders!

The number of murders all India were recorded as 35000 in 2016 (does not include terrorism deaths). Therefore, there would have been about 2,45,000 rapes in reality, by calculating rapes as about 7 times more than murders. But are the murder statistics accurate in India?

Even if they are , they do not include dowry deaths, which is a separate category. So if dowry deaths of women are added to the murder figures, and if we assume that rapes are not just seven times more than murders, but ten times (we live in a patriarchal, repressed society, and secondly, rapists get away easily), the rape figure jumps to over 4 lakhs. So there are at least 4 lakh rapes in India every year, although over 6 lakhs seems more believable.

Over a hundred women are raped every hour in India.

Can you imagine a situation where the press and TV had to report every rape in India?

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