Why admire and love criminals?

Does success in the field of acting bestow god like status on a human being? I am referring to fans of criminal actors. I stopped seeing Salman Khan films after the hit and run accident in 2002. Did you?

I should have done it earlier, after the poaching incident in 1998. I didn’t know better.

If you are a good friend or a family member of the criminal, yes, it is understandable if you feel love for the felon. But if you are a fan even after all of the actor’s misdemeanors, court cases and the allegations against him, then it’s harder to understand.

The black buck killing case in which Salman Khan was jailed is just one amongst several others. It is the only one in which Salman Khan was convicted. Salman was an “accused in two other cases of killing chinkaras and blackbucks in two separate places and a fourth case under the Arms Act.”

100_0735And then there was that hit and run case in which our esteemed High Court found him innocent of drinking and driving  into several people sleeping on a pavement, and killing a homeless man. There is an appeal against the verdict, (to the Supreme court). Let’s hope that the charge of tampering with witnesses/evidence is added to the other charges. The punishment for tampering with evidence under Section 193 of the Indian Penal Code is up to 7 years.

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