Bollywood Love isn’t real

edgesCouples killing themselves because they aren’t allowed to marry? It rarely happens in Bollywood movies, but happens all the time in real life, in India.

Here are just a two such incidents which happened in the last few days. A young couple jumped in front of a train in Chennai. And a teenage couple in Kannauj district in UP hung themselves from a tree because of parental disapproval.

At times religion is the cause of parental opposition. In this case in Jharkhand, a teenage Muslim girl and her Hindu boyfriend killed themselves last month.

Couples dying for love is not the stuff of romance. It’s a cruel reality. Even as you reading this, a couple somewhere in this country is planning a suicide pact. There are dozens and dozens of such cases every year and some of them go unreported. This is because many  happen in small villages to unknown people and we know how villages are covered by the press.

Bollywood sings praises of forbidden love, but it doesn’t reflect reality in most of India.
Our children deserve their freedom.

When will these social reforms happens? Isn’t this as bad as Sati? Why aren’t the parents and families arrested and put in jail? Any parent opposing their children’s alliances should get a jail sentence and if their kids commit suicide they should be arrested under Section 306 of the IPC (abetment to suicide).

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  1. alienpoems says:

    very bad in everywhere n bollywood is like porn movies


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