Stone throwers are cruel and barbaric

Terrorists in Kashmir use stone throwing to maim others. It is a most cruel form of violence, because it can maim people for life. Now these terrorists are throwing stones at the tourists! No one wants to admit it. Whether it is the Kashmiri politicians or Kashmiri police. They say it never happened.

But these potential killers and terrorists always did it.

Here is a personal experience of someone who has lived in Kashmir:

I have worked in Kashmir valley for about three years.

I used to travel in a Bolero which is also frequently used by tourist and in these three years stones have been pelted at my vehicle about thrice once at 10 Pm in the night.

The people over there will throw stones when situation is disturbed at all vehicles and non Kashmiri people, generally taxi drivers know the environment well and will avoid disturbed areas.

That was last year.

The truth is that stone pelters do target tourists, because they target non-kashmiris, non-muslims and generally everyone who is not “them.” It’s cruel and dangerous. But let our politicians continue to live in denial.

Throwing stones to maim and kill started in ancient times, a barbaric method of capital punishment. The Christians in the Middle Ages used it. The Muslims did too. The so-called Muslims of today are still doing it. It is allowed by Sharia Laws, which most Muslims do not follow. The terrorists however believe in it. According to the Sharia, stoning is to be used for adultery. The terrorists use it to maim and murder innocents, not just their enemies.

It is called Criminal Rock Throwing, and in the United States you can go to prison for life.

Under American law they can receive very long sentences and even be sentenced to life in prison. Under American law, individuals who were part of a group engaged in rock-throwing can be convicted and imprisoned even if they did not personally throw any missiles.

In India, you just go home and hide. The politicians will just deny you did it. Or round you up and let you go. Then you scurry out of your hiding place when you have the sadistic urge to hurt another, and do it all over again, gloating if you actually manage to hurt somebody.

Unless of course you do not live in Kashmir.

If you are throwing stones for fun, just to see people hurt (not based on your religion because these miscreants can be from all religions), but you live in the rest of India, then you could go to jail. If you are not in Kashmir, and you are caught, you will go to jail.

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