Rape and molestation a daily horror but no justice for victims

horror crime death psychopath
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Google “crime” in India on any given day, and there will be a large chunk of stories about rape and molestation. It is either gang rape of a minor in Uttar Pradesh, or a 50-year-old Mumbai constable who molested a colleague’s son or the gang rape of a Dalit woman in Patiala. And this minor near Guwahati. Stripped. Assaulted. By the school staff. There are more, hundreds more. Not even reported.

Unfortunately, the police are doing a bad job of arresting and prosecuting the culprits. In Hyderabad for instance not a single rape conviction in two years.  And read about this Australian man who raped children. He was freed even after a conviction! Reforms have been on paper. Sexual harassment victims face harassment themselves, from the police.

Internationally, people are taking notice. About how victims are treated like ‘animals.’

 More than five years after a horrific rape sparked promises to empower women in India and reform the handling of sexual assault cases, victims say they still face harassment when they turn to police for help. The sickening assault on Delhi student Jyoti Singh in 2012 provoked national soul-searching about widespread failure to tackle sex crimes, and bolstered laws to punish offenders and police accused of turning a blind eye or victim shaming. But rights groups say police still refuse to file cases against suspected rapists and pressure victims to settle with their tormentors, despite such misconduct carrying a two-year jail term under the tough new measures.

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