Hit and Run – In India it works

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.47.47 PMThousands and thousands of people die in hit and run accidents in India every year. A recent incident is of a 25-year-old (Dipali Lahamate) who was injured in a hit and run accident at Marine Lines in Mumbai, a few days ago. She died.

The culprits often get away because people do not want to testify. People are terrified of legal hassles, and the fault lies with the system. That is why they are reluctant to take the victim to the hospital. The victims die because they do not reach the hospital in time. The offenders get away.

As for the reasons for the accidents, in India licences can be bought, are given out freely, casually, and traffic offenders go scot free, and drinking and driving are common. If you ignore a driver breaking a red light, one day either he will die or will kill or injure somebody else. Do the traffic police think like this? No, I heard from reliable sources that higher-ups in the police traffic department have given instructions that if a traffic offender breaks a red light (or commits another type of traffic offence) and it eases the movement of traffic, then he should be ignored!

Then there is the justice system which does not work. Few people are seriously punished after killing people in accidents. An unfortunate aspect is the less stringent penalties.

And as for the rich and powerful, they get away. What this article says is alarming:

 Actual hit-and-run numbers in India may be twice as high due to under-reporting, according to the Save Life Foundation, a road safety NGO. Many choose to forego reporting accidents because they don’t expect the police to take action against rich and powerful drivers.

The case of Salman Khan is an example. His vehicle ran over five homeless people sleeping on the pavement, and one of them was killed. He was acquitted by the high court. Let’s hope the Supreme court verdict brings the victims the justice they deserve.

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