Ram Navami violence

flagsIt is always sad when religion and violence are linked together. This is happening increasingly in the modern world. An irony in itself. Armed Ram Navami processions? Just unthinkable! There are disturbances in Asansol and Raniganj in Bengal and police have been deployed there and you can read about it here.

Religion and violence have become bedfellows.  During Ganpati (Ganesh) visarjan last year, 12 people died, across Maharashtra. And as for molestation, these incidents are not few and far between as googling it proves. This is just one incident, where girls and minors were molested last year during the Ganpati procession in Hyderabad. That too in broad daylight.

What is the reason for this lawlessness? Religion itself is obviously not the cause. It is under the cover of religion that goons get to work. Perhaps there should be a minimum requirement for those who practice religion!

Or here’s another solution: One misdemeanor in the name of religion and the person should get a stiff jail sentence. After all, he/she is perpetrating violence against religion, by committing violence in the name of religion.

Let us keep at least our religions pure.

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