Contract Killing

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Yesterday I wrote about killing to bag lucrative contracts, and this time it’s about murder for hire. In India, it is calling giving a supari. Hiring a hit man.

This news item from today’s Hindustan times talks about how petty criminals agree to kill for low sums like ₹40,000/-. Oh, wait, that’s not entirely correct. There are youngsters who will do it for as little as ₹5000!

Yes, a life can be worth just five thousand rupees in this country. Not even $75.

While supari killings happen all over the country, Delhi is especially vulnerable. The city may not have organised gangs who take up contract killings, but it has plenty of murderers for hire. Considering that Delhi is high on the crime charts, this is not surprising. This Times article quotes the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Delhi, is the national capital for more than one reason. It tops the list in cases of murder, kidnapping and abduction.

The city reported highest number of murder – 479 out of 2,194 cases- (21.8 per cent) followed by Bengaluru, 10. 4 per cent (229 cases) and Patna 8.9 per cent (195 cases). Highest number of cases at 35.6 per cent (2,368 cases out of 6,645) of juveniles in conflict with law was reported in Delhi among the 19 cities during 2016.

These killers are either small-time thieves who want to make more money, or are “wannabe gangsters.” Juveniles often fall into the latter category and can be extremely dangerous. High on adrenalin, and with the daredevilry of youth, they can do anything.

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